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Build Prerequisites

Build Current Release From Source

Build Development Sources From Git Repository

Please make sure you have Git installed.

Note that Qucs comes bundled with a version of ADMS known to be compatible. By default, this version is built and installed with the commands above. If you would prefer to use a different version of ADMS, you may supply the --disable-adms option to configure.

Build instructions for Win32

There are different methods how to compile the package for Win32:

Build Instructions For MacOSX

The following instructions are apply for Qucs version 0.0.17 and greater.

Mac OS 10.5 64-bit is the minimum version supported by Qt4.

In order to build Qucs on a Mac OS you need to have Apple's latest Xcode and/or Command Line Tools. The compilation toolchain can be obtained by downloading Xcode (free Apple account required). The Command Line Tools can be installed from within Xcode preferences.

The apple shipped version of requirements (autoconf, automake, ...) might need to be updated. For that we recommend the MacPorts and Homebrew package managers.

Note that there is a MacPorts Port and a Homebrew Formula available to build and install Qucs.

With all dependencies in place, the build process is similar to the steps outlined above.

Under Mac OS applications are actually directory structures (bundles) where the binaries, icons, etc. are all stored. These are created during the make install step (starting from Qucs version 0.0.15 on).

Finally you can link the main Qucs application into your Applications folder by running the following command.

    $ ln -s /usr/local/bin/qucs.app /Applications/qucs.app