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Build Prerequisites

Build Current Release From Source

Build Development Sources From Git Repository

Please make sure you have Git installed.

Note that Qucs comes bundled with a version of ADMS known to be compatible. By default, this version is built and installed with the commands above. If you would prefer to use a different version of ADMS, you may supply the --disable-adms option to configure.

Build instructions for Win32

There are different methods how to compile the package for Win32:

Build Instructions For MacOSX

The distributed binary package for Mac OSX only includes the Qucs suite and ASCO.

Users interested in using FreeHDL, and the Verilog-A dynamic loader will need to install a compiler (Apple Xcode).

In such case we recommend the use of a package manager to handle the instalation of the dependencies and build the tools. We recoment either MacPorts or Homebrew. Please contact the package maintainer if it is not yet updated to the latest version of Qucs.

Note that due to limitation in Qt4 your platform should be newer than Mac OS 10.5 64-bit.

In order to build Qucs on a Mac OS you need to have Apple's latest Xcode and/or Command Line Tools. The compilation toolchain can be obtained by downloading Xcode (free Apple account required). The Command Line Tools can be installed from within Xcode preferences.

Follow the package manager instructions on how to get it set up and running. the MacPorts and Homebrew package managers.

Note that there is a MacPorts Port and a Homebrew Formula available to manage the build and install of Qucs.