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3 April 2013 Migrated repository to Git on Sourceforge. Old trunk is moved to the branch qucs-qt3
23 Dec 2012 Qucs ported to qt4, code can be found on Sourceforge / Git
15 Dec 2012 Upgrade to new Sourceforge platform (code-named Allura)
11 Dec 2011 Changes to avoid compile issues with g++ version 4.5 and above.
17 Mar 2011 Released Qucs 0.0.16 !
12 Mar 2011 New HICUM L0 v1.3 Verilog-A transistor model added.
11 Mar 2011 New components: hybrid, ideal coupled transmission line and tunnel diode model implemented.
3 Mar 2011 Implementation of interactive GNU Octave connection.
2 Mar 2011 Migration from CVS to SVN.
3 Feb 2011 Publication "A tabular source approach to modelling and simulating device and circuit noise in the time domain" now online. Thank you again Mike Brinson!
29 Nov 2010 Publication "Modeling the frequency response of microwave radiometers with QUCS" now online. Thanks a lot to Andrea!
6 Nov 2010 New HICUM L0 v1.2g Verilog-A transistor model added.
26 Mar 2010 New HICUM L2 v2.24 Verilog-A transistor model added.
3 Mar 2010 Publication "A Hybrid Verilog-A and Equation-defined Device Approach to MOS Switched Current Analog Cell Modeling and Simulation in the Transient and Large Signal AC Domains" has been accepted at MIXDES 2010 in Wrocław. Thanks a lot to Mike Brinson!
26 Feb 2010 Publication "Z Domain Delay Subcircuits and Compact Verilog-A Macromodels for Mixed-mode Sampled Data Circuit Simulation" at Radioelectronics & Informatics Journal is now online. Thanks a lot to M.E. Brinson and H. Nabijou!
31 Oct 2009 Implemented EMI receiver functionality for use in the equation solver. Thanks to Dirk for motivating and helping with this features implementation.
27 Oct 2009 Verilog-A syntax highlighting, association of symbol drawings to Verilog-A code and support for C++ code export of symbol drawings associated with Verilog-A files.
23 Oct 2009 Added Verilog-HDL syntax highlighting in text documents. Support for direct association of symbol drawings to Verilog-HDL and VHDL code.
9 Oct 2009 Added support for pre-compiled VHDL modules and libraries made from user-written VHDL code.
5 Oct 2009 Support for Matlab v4 as an export file format in the Qucs-Converter command line tool.
26 Sep 2009 Created FreeHDL MacOSX package. Please check this installer and give feedback if it works as expected.
14 Sep 2009 Released bugfixed MacOSX binary installer. Please download the package if the previous one didn't work for you.
10 Sep 2009 Ph.D. research topic open for application. Click here for more information.
19 May 2009 New section about time domain simulation using a simple LC tank example in the MediaWiki.
17 May 2009 Translation into Kazakh. Thanks a lot to Erbol!
16 May 2009 New section about parametric sweeps in the MediaWiki. Hope this is useful for someone.
10 May 2009 Preliminary new filter synthesis application (including Blinchikoff, Legendre, optimized Cauer, ZigZag and inverse Chebychev filter types) added. Thanks a lot to Vincent!
6 May 2009 Added another section about DC simulation for beginners in our MediaWiki. Please feedback. Also contributions from users would be very appreciated.
3 May 2009 Limited support for equations in Verilog-HDL and VHDL subcircuits.
25 Apr 2009 Released Qucs 0.0.15 !
21 Apr 2009 Publication "Compact device modelling for established and emerging technologies with the Qucs GPL circuit simulator" has been accepted at MIXDES 2009 in Łódź. Thanks a lot to Mike Brinson!
19 Apr 2009 Matrix exponentation for integral positive and negative powers available in equation solver. Implemented parameters in Verilog-HDL subcircuits.
16 Apr 2009 Introduced global nodes (e.g. subst!) in analogue simulator.
14 Apr 2009 VHDL files and subcircuits can handle typed generic variables as parameters.
6 Apr 2009 Updated list of available components.
1 Apr 2009 New transmission line defined by RLCG values available.
29 Mar 2009 Added phototransistor Verilog-A model presented at COMON meeting demonstration. Thanks to Mike Brinson!
28 Mar 2008 SPICE 2g6 F, H, G and E polynomial sources are now correctly translated by Qucs-Converter command line tool.
20 Mar 2009 Attention: Fixed bug in voltage controlled relais. It represented a negative resistor previously.
18 Mar 2009 Publication "Advances in compact semiconductor device modelling and circuit macromodelling with the Qucs GPL circuit simulator" has been accepted for oral presentation at MOS-AK Meeting 2009 in Frankfurt/O. Thanks to Mike!
17 Mar 2009 Import dialog has been replaced by complete import/export frontend for the Qucs-Converter command line tool.
15 Mar 2009 Allowing VHDL files on schematic with arbitrary in/out signal types.
7 Mar 2009 Publication "Modelling of high-frequency inductance with Qucs non-linear radio frequency equation defined devices" at IJE is now online. Thanks a lot to Mike Brinson!
3 Mar 2009 Added many new digital primitives defined in analogue, Verilog and VHDL simulations. Thanks to Mike.
20 Jan 2009 Publication "Compact macromodelling of operational amplifiers with equation defined devices" at IJE is now online. Thanks a lot to Mike Brinson!
27 Nov 2008 Added post install script for MacOSX as well as appropriate icons. Thanks to Dirk for friendly machine support. Please check this installer and give feedback if it works as expected.
8 Nov 2008 New digital buffer component added (VHDL, Verilog and analog model).
2 Nov 2008 Attention: Fixed severe bug in time switch. It represented a negative resistor previously.
30 Oct 2008 Merged NMOS and PMOS models of Verilog-A EKV v2.6 MOSFET model.
26 Oct 2008 Allowing parameter sweep and other variables in constant parameter simulation boxes.
25 Oct 2008 Added new report chapter about the Verilog-A photodiode model contributed by Mike Brinson.
23 Oct 2008 Please note: Set up a little survey. Please take the minute to answer few of our questions.
22 Oct 2008 Support of US letter formats for schematic frame.
12 Oct 2008 Updated EPFL-EKV v2.6 Verilog-A model report.
10 Oct 2008 Implementation of modular photodiode Verilog-A model added. Thanks a lot to Mike Brinson!
9 Oct 2008 Added temperature dependent model for gold, copper and stainless steel of rectangular waveguide. Thanks to Andrea Zonca!
2 Oct 2008 New HICUM L2 v2.23 Verilog-A transistor model added.
23 Sep 2008 Added preliminary implementation of HICUM L0 v1.2 Verilog-A transistor model.
13 Sep 2008 Implementation of ddx() operator in equations.
5 Sep 2008 Publication "Qucs: A GPL software package for circuit simulation, compact device modelling and circuit macromodelling from DC to RF and beyond" at IJNM is now online. Thanks a lot to Mike Brinson!
6 Aug 2008 Simulation time for digital files (Verilog and VHDL) now stored in additional configuration file.
4 Aug 2008 Added Czech translations of the internal help system. Thanks to Martin Stejskal.
17 Jul 2008 Attention: Fixed bug in the S-parameters of the differential voltage probe.
11 Jul 2008 Existing HICUM models can now be converted from SPICE by the QucsConv tool into model library entries.
5 Jul 2008 Cotter W. Sayre's RF Design Book "Complete Wireless Design 2nd Edition" has been published. He uses Qucs for demonstration purposes about how it can be used to design RF devices. Have a look here.
26 Jun 2008 New component: rectangular waveguide. Thanks to Bastien!
25 Jun 2008 Added noise figure property to amplifier model.
14 Jun 2008 New Verilog-A devices EPFL-EKV NMOS/PMOS V2.6 implemented. Thanks a very lot to Mike Brinson! Also added an appropriate ReportBook chapter.
7 Jun 2008 Added new varistor (EPCOS) library. Thanks to Gunther Kraut!
5 Jun 2008 Improved overview about unofficial (binary) Qucs packages.
29 May 2008 New library containing some voltage regulators like, e.g., LM140 added.
5 May 2008 Added three more libraries: NMOSFETs, PMOSFETs and Ideal. Thanks to Gunther Kraut.
2 May 2008 Publication "Interactive compact device modelling using Qucs equation-defined devices" at IJNM is now online. Thanks a lot to Mike Brinson!
10 Apr 2008 Released Qucs 0.0.14 !
4 Apr 2008 Publication "Qucs: A GPL software package for circuit simulation, compact device modeling and circuit macromodeling from DC to RF and beyond" has been presented during MOS-AK Workshop 2008 in Eindhoven. Thanks to Mike for taking the time and his valueable contribution.
1 Apr 2008 New Verilog-A models: MESFET (Curtice, Statz, TOM-1 and TOM-2 included). Thanks a lot to Mike Brinson! Also added an appropriate report chapter for the model documentation.
16 Mar 2008 Added coplanar lines (w/ and w/o backside metalization) to the Qucs Transcalc tool.
7 Mar 2008 Finally fixed printing under Win32. Choosing AllPages/Selection is now properly working. Thanks to Christian Ehrlicher!
1 Mar 2008 Fixed printing (font sizes) under Win32 using some work-arounds for current Qt3 implementation.
21 Feb 2008 Also implemented 2-port equation defined RF device including H-, G-, T- and A-parameters (all hybrid).
18 Feb 2008 Preliminary implementation of multi-port equation defined RF device (RF-EDD). S-, Y- and Z-parameters available.
8 Feb 2008 New component: Potentiometer Verilog-A model. Thanks a lot to Mike Brinson!
1 Feb 2008 Support for sub- and super-script in graphical text paintings.
25 Jan 2008 New components: Thyristor (SCR) and Triac.
21 Jan 2008 Added new Verilog-A transistor model HICUM L0 v1.12 to the available components. Both npn and pnp types seem to work properly.
19 Jan 2008 New component: Logarithmic Amplifier Verilog-A device. Thanks to Mike Brinson! Added a report chapter about the new component, also provided by Mike Brinson.
18 Jan 2008 Implemented 3- and more argument versions of PlotVs() in the equation solver.
16 Jan 2008 Added working Diac implementation.
30 Dec 2007 Released Qucs 0.0.13 !
20 Dec 2007 Added new Verilog-A transistor model HICUM L2 v2.22 to the available components.
13 Dec 2007 New component: Modular Operational Amplifier Verilog-A device. Thanks a lot to Mike Brinson! Also added a new report chapter about this new component.
2 Nov 2007 Added simple Smith chart example provided by Fredy Konig. Also added optional third argument to unwrap().
1 Nov 2007 New functions in the equation solver: StabMeasure() for the stability measure B1 of a 2-port network and StabFactor() as an alias for Rollet().
31 Oct 2007 New radiometer model added to the example section (provided by Andrea Zonca).
30 Oct 2007 Added new example provided by Fredy Konig showing how to use AC and S-parameter simulations and some equations to obtain the group delay of a Butterworth filter.
23 Oct 2007 New component: file based current source. Added gain and delay parameter to both file based sources.
23 Sep 2007 Allowing immediate vectors [v1, v2, ...] and matrices [m11, m12, ...; m21, m22, ...] in equations.
19 Sep 2007 New functions added to the equation solver: random() and srandom().
14 Sep 2007 Poster Interactive Compact Device Modeling Using Qucs Equation Defined Devices presented during ESSDERC/ESSCIRC MOS-AK Workshop in Munich by Mike Brinson. Thanks for coming from London.
2 Sep 2007 Allowing engineering notation of numbers (e.g. 1u instead of 1e-6) in equations (pre- and post-processing as well as EDD).
27 Aug 2007 Qucs-Converter command line tool allows export of Touchstone data files.
22 Aug 2007 Poster contribution "Interactive Compact Device Modeling Using Qucs Equation Defined Devices" has been accepted for MOS-AK/ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Workshop 2007 in Munich. Thanks to Mike and Wladek.
16 Aug 2007 CSV files files can be converted into Qucs datasets with the Qucs-Converter.
13 Aug 2007 New component: file based voltage source. Thanks a lot to Gunther.
17 Jun 2007 Released Qucs 0.0.12 !
Also updated the technical documentation.
3 Jun 2007 New tutorial: Component, compact device and circuit modelling using symbolic equations. A thousand thanks to Mike for this great piece of work. Updated the WorkBook.
2 Jun 2007 New report: Curtice level 1 MESFET model published. Thanks to Mike Brinson.
31 May 2007 Preprocessor selectable in SPICE file component.
24 May 2007 Added new vt() function (thermal voltage) and also made "q" (elementary charge) a constant in the equation solver.
17 May 2007 Implementation of mutual inductances with a virtually unlimited number of inductors. Available in the SPICE to Qucs conversion program.
10 May 2007 Added Ukrainian translations. Thanks to Dystryk.
9 May 2007 Component library can now contain analogue as well as digital (Verilog and VHDL) subcircuits.
7 May 2007 FreeHDL (used by Qucs for digital VHDL simulations) has finally been accepted in Debian.
3 May 2007 New hypot() and limexp() functions in the set of available operations.
29 Apr 2007 Added arcsec(), arccosec(), arsech() and arcosech() functions to the equati$ solver. Also support for logical and rational operators as well as the ternary ?: construct.
21 Apr 2007 Support for symbolically defined devices. Explicit equations allowed.
20 Apr 2007 Publication "GNU Simulators Supporting Verilog-A Compact Model Standardization" at MOS-AK meeting. Thanks to Mike Brinson and Wladek Grabinski.
15 Apr 2007 Two new components: exponential voltage and current pulse sources. Thanks to Gunther.
10 Apr 2007 Added Verilog file component.
9 Apr 2007 Initiated the ReportBook.
30 Mar 2007 Started support for Verilog-HDL using Icarus Verilog as an alternative to VHDL regarding digital simulations.
21 Mar 2007 Finished the introductory tutorial Getting Started with Qucs.
18 Mar 2007 Released Qucs 0.0.11 !
Also updated the technical online documentation as well as the appropriate pdf and ps documents.
17 Mar 2007 Updated the WorkBook. Added an introductory tutorial.
9 Mar 2007 Mike Brinson started a SPICE/Qucs compatibility test.
6 Mar 2007 Updated the WorkBook. Added the tutorial update for operational amplifier modelling provided by Mike Brinson.
3 Mar 2007 Updated documentation section on homepage. Added some build instructions.
1 Mar 2007 Implemented high-injection knee current parameter for the diode.
24 Feb 2007 Input parameters of components can be used in equations.
21 Feb 2007 Implementation of subcircuit parameters. Allow equation variables and sweep parameters in component properties and subcircuit parameters. Equations can be placed in subcircuits.
9 Feb 2007 Improved visualization and selection of graphs and paintings at zoom levels != 1. No more grainy diagrams.
5 Feb 2007 Implemented non-ideal microstrip cross junction model.
24 Jan 2007 New tutorial "Qucs simulation of SPICE netlists" provided by Mike Brinson. WorkBook has been updated.
23 Jan 2007 Two new components: 4-terminal transmission line and twisted-pair line.
20 Dec 2006 Implementation of bondwire model. Thanks to Bastien.
31 Oct 2006 Using adms to translate Verilog-AMS device models into C++ code for use in Qucs. Two preliminary models for testing purposes: HICUM L2 v2.11 and FBH-HBT. Thanks to Helene Parruitte and Bertrand Ardouin.
18 Oct 2006 Added the Russian translation of the WorkBook provided by Vladimir. Thanks a lot!
15 Sep 2006 Added the "Modelling the 555 Timer" tutorial provided by Mike Brinson to the WorkBook. Implementation of the excess phase in the BJT model during transient analysis.
4 Sep 2006 New Czech translation. Thanks to Marek. Gopala started to port the GUI to Qt4 in a new CVS branch.
1 Sep 2006 Released Qucs 0.0.10 !
Also updated the WorkBook. Added the tutorial update for digital simulation provided by Mike Brinson.
31 Aug 2006 Michael decided to quit programming on the GUI for a while. Gopala is going to take this part, hopefully.
30 Aug 2006 Preliminary support for analog circuit optimizations using ASCO. Version 0.4.4 required.
21 Aug 2006 IC-CAP model files files can be converted into Qucs datasets with the Qucs-Converter. Support of delay, rise and fall times in the rectangular voltage and current sources. Started implementaion of the optimization component.
31 Jul 2006 Attenuator design tool by Toyoyuki Ishikawa.
25 Jul 2006 Added the "Modelling Operational Amplifiers" tutorial provided by Mike Brinson to the WorkBook.
17 Jul 2006 ZVR (R&S network analyzer) ascii files can be converted into Qucs datasets with the Qucs-Converter. A4 page frame can be used in schematics for displaying and printing.
3 Jul 2006 Support for nine-valued VHDL logic. Data import and export interface for the command line tool Qucs-Converter. Project package files for data exchange are now supported.
1 Jul 2006 Singular value decomposition (SVD) is now available for solving linear (real as well as complex) equation systems.
9 Jun 2006 Added the "Measurement Expressions Reference Manual" provided by Gunther Kraut to the WorkBook.
6 Jun 2006 Touchstone files as well as CITIfiles can now be converted into Qucs datasets using the command line converter Qucs-Converter. Creating a user library from subcircuits is now possible.
29 May 2006 Released Qucs 0.0.9 !
24 May 2006 Update of the introductory tutorial about digital simulations. Thanks to Mike. New functions in the equation solver: Time2Freq() and Freq2Time(), also modified the dft(), idft(), fft() and ifft() functions.
15 May 2006 Anonymous CVS instructions have been updated.
Cross-compiling to the mingw32 target using a GNU/Linux box is now possible (both the qucs and qucs-core package).
7 May 2006 Updated the WorkBook. Added the tutorial about the flip-flop models provided by Mike Brinson. Thanks a lot.
3 May 2006 S-parameter file component can be open/short during DC analysis. Disabled components are either open or shorted.
2 May 2006 Harmonic Balance: Non-linear (1-dimensional) balancing using diodes working.
28 Apr 2006 New VHDL file component. Hand craftet VHDL components (files) can be used as subcircuits.
24 Apr 2006 Harmonic Balance: Linear networks (R, L and C) with voltage excitations (Vac and Vdc) working. Stay tuned.
17 Apr 2006 New translations into Russian. Thanks to Igor Gorbounov.
12 Apr 2006 Started to implement the Harmonic Balance analysis.
10 Apr 2006 VHDL text editor in the GUI for simulating VHDL directly.
28 Mar 2006 Updated the WorkBook. Added the tutorial about digital simulation provided by Mike Brinson.
17 Mar 2006 Implemented support for delay times of digital components' analogue models during the transient analysis.
15 Mar 2006 Again new functions: besseli0(), kbd(), erfinv() and erfcinv().
13 Mar 2006 Support for two-argument functions of arctan(), min() and max(). Many new functions for equation solver: step(), besselj(), bessely(), erf(), erfc(), cumsum(), cumavg(), cumprod(), sqr(), polar(), rms(), dbm2w(), w2dbm(), integrate(), dbm(), runavg(), variance() and stddev(). Thanks to Gunther Kraut for his contributions.
9 Mar 2006 Conversion of Qucs dataset to CSV file possible using the command line converter Qucs-Converter.
2 Mar 2006 New components: AM and PM modulated AC sources, relais and time controlled switch. Transient simulation model of ideal transmission line finally working.
26 Feb 2006 Implementation of delay times of controlled sources during transient analysis.
22 Feb 2006 New damping factors for AC voltage/current sources available. Frequency independent losses for 'ideal' transmission line implemented. Number of ports in S-parameter component not anymore limited.
13 Feb 2006 New functions in equation solver: xvalue(), yvalue() and min(), max() and avg() with range specification. Language can be chosen in the application settings dialog.
3 Feb 2006 Implementation of temperature dependencies of resistor. Output of characteristic values (e.g. ErEff or Zl) during S-parameter simulation possible.
1 Feb 2006 New components: coaxial line and differential voltage probe.
25 Jan 2006 Updated the installer for Win32, the technical online documentation as well as the ready-to-read postscript and pdf document.
Also uploaded the preliminary WorkBook.
21 Jan 2006 Released Qucs 0.0.8 !
17 Jan 2006 Support for pure digital simulations using FreeHDL.
13 Jan 2006 Preliminary support for (elliptic) Cauer filters in the filter synthesis tool. Thanks to Vincent.
11 Jan 2006 Added pure digital components: D-flipflop, RS-flipflop and JK-flipflop.
9 Jan 2006 Finished VCD to Qucs dataset conversion in the Qucs-Converter command line tool (necessary for digital simulations using FreeHDL).
4 Jan 2006 New component: ideal coupler implemented (can also be used as hybrid).
2 Jan 2006 Stefan decided to stay in Munich for a while.
19 Dec 2005 Implementation of temperature/area models of existing non-linear device models.
5 Dec 2005 New diagrams: Timing diagram and truth table for displaying results of digital simulations.
1 Dec 2005 Started to communicate usage of the FreeHDL compiler in Qucs with the developers. FreeHDL is planned to perform digital simulations in Qucs.
24 Nov 2005 Implementation of analog models of digital components (i.e. and, nand, xor, etc).
18 Nov 2005 Displaying DC bias in schematic possible. Hidden lines in 3D diagram get invisible.
8 Nov 2005 Moved tutorials and technical documentation into its own qucs-doc CVS. Thanks to Thierry Scordilis for the initial idea of the "Work Book" and thanks to Raimund for setting up the new CVS tree.
4 Nov 2005 Qucs accepted at Fedora Extras. Thanks to Eric Tanguy.
19 Oct 2005 Cubic spline interpolation in S-parameter file data possible. Added dft(), idft(), fft() and ifft() functionality in equation solver.
11 Oct 2005 New components: mutual inductors and correlated noise sources.
26 Sep 2005 Setup automatic CVS logger recording individual file changes in CVS.
21 Sep 2005 New tutorial for 10dB coupler design available.
9 Sep 2005 New dialog for changing properties of several components concurrently.
25 Aug 2005 Some more filter types (Bessel, Chebyshev: band pass and band stop) supported by filter synthesis tool.
15 Aug 2005 Many new transistors and diodes for the library manager. Thanks to Leandro Damian D'Archivio.
12 Aug 2005 Power and noise matching tool with smith chart (one-port and two-port matching).
2 Aug 2005 Setup link for Qucs RPM packages.
22 Jul 2005 Released Qucs 0.0.7 ! Also updated the installer for Win32.
4 Jul 2005 Project renaming to "Quite Universal Circuit Simulator" according to Trolltech's request.
23 Jun 2005 New library manager for often used subcircuits, devices and substrates. LaTex-like mnemonics (e.g. \alpha or \pm) can be used in diagram labels as well as in graphic texts.
22 Jun 2005 Started to add user tutorials in CVS. Thanks to Chris Pitcher. Available here.
13 Jun 2005 Qucs package for FreeBSD.
10 Jun 2005 Some more mathematical functions: unwrap(), rad2deg() and deg2rad().
26 May 2005 Updated installer for Win32 according to the 0.0.6 release.
Rotated text as well as filenames with spaces finally work in Qt®.
25 May 2005 Released Qucs 0.0.6 !
23 May 2005 Updated technical online documentation as well as the ready-to-read postscript and pdf document.
17 May 2005 SPICE component eventually available in the GUI.
Converter command line tool can now also generate schematic entries for SPICE device models, useful to import device libraries.
13 May 2005 Nightly CVS snapshot available. Thanks to Raimund.
12 May 2005 New coplanar impedance step implemented.
2 May 2005 New coplanar open- and short-circuits as well as series gap added.
24 Apr 2005 Component properties can be edited directly on the schematic area.
15 Apr 2005 Implemented three-dimensional cartesian diagram and locus curve.
10 Apr 2005 Qucs has been accepted at Debian. Thanks to Jose.
30 Mar 2005 First installer for Win32 releases done.
20 Mar 2005 Updated the technical online documentation.
15 Mar 2005 Noise and stability circles available.
9 Mar 2005 Start development of transmission line calculator (based on the transcalc application) and filter synthesis program.
7 Mar 2005 Implementation of AC and S-parameter noise for all microstrip components fixed.
2 Mar 2005 Released Qucs 0.0.5 !
25 Feb 2005 AC noise analysis finished, all components available.
22 Feb 2005 AC noise implementations of all noisy components. Testing in progress...
13 Feb 2005 Homepage update. Brought some more screenshots online.
4 Feb 2005 Preliminary coplanar line implementation finished. Thanks to Vincent Habchi.
1 Feb 2005 Microstrip Tee implementation.
30 Jan 2005 Basic AC noise analysis available.
2 Dec 2004 Spice netlist converter.
30 Nov 2004 New diagrams: Y-Smith and Smith-Polar-Combinations.
25 Nov 2004 New components: Operational amplifier, Amplifier and Microstrip Via.
15 Nov 2004 Stefan in Munich.
23 Oct 2004 Released Qucs 0.0.4 !
19 Oct 2004 Updated the technical online documentation.
11 Oct 2004 Some more example schematics added.
2 Oct 2004 AC analysis finished, all components available.
25 Sep 2004 Also non-linear transient analysis possible (e.g. JFET and diode).
19 Sep 2004 Transient analysis of linear RCL networks.
8 Sep 2004 Basic AC simulation features.
4 Sep 2004 Released Qucs 0.0.3 !
30 Aug 2004 Implementation of various microstrip components.
10 Aug 2004 New non-linear components: BJT and MOSFET.
26 Jul 2004 Implementation of noise analysis based upon noise-wave correlation matrices and S-parameters.
Updated homepage and list of available components. Also added online readable documents.
25 Jun 2004 Added list of available components on homepage.
22 Jun 2004 Non-linear DC analysis possible (e.g. JFET and diode).
3 Jun 2004 Released Qucs 0.0.2 !
22 Mar 2004 Qucs is now available under MacOS 10.3
26 Feb 2004 Homepage updated.
8 Dec 2003 Released Qucs 0.0.1 !