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/home/travis/build/Qucs/qucs/qucs/qucs/diagrams/diagram.h File Reference
#include "graph.h"
#include "marker.h"
#include "element.h"
#include "viewpainter.h"
#include <QFile>
#include <QTextStream>
#include <QList>
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Data Structures

struct  Axis
class  Diagram
 The Diagram class is a superclass for diagrams. More...


#define INVALID_STR   QObject::tr(" <invalid>")

Define Documentation

if(p >= p_end) {     \
    int pos = p - g->begin(); \
    assert(pos<Size); \
    Size += 256;        \
    g->resizeScrPoints(Size); \
    p = g->begin() + pos; \
    p_end = g->begin() + (Size - 9); \

Definition at line 36 of file diagram.h.

#define INVALID_STR   QObject::tr(" <invalid>")

Definition at line 32 of file diagram.h.


Definition at line 30 of file diagram.h.

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