Qucs-core  0.0.19
Qucs design and developer's manual


This developer and design manual is generated from the qucs sourcecode using Doxygen. Diagrams in the manual are produced by the dot utility--normally distributed as part of the graphviz package.

The standard source distribution does not generate this manual by default. Instead it provides a default doxygen configuration in the doxygen sub-directory. A local copy of this manual may be generated by using (from the qucs-doc top directory):

You may view your local copy by direcing a web browser to:

Hacking on this documentation

Eventually there will be a style guide for documenting, with an example of a one of the source files documented "by the book". Until then, feel free to start documenting or playing with doxygen configuration.

Doxygen Configuration

To edit the doxygen configuration, you can use (from the qucs-doc top directory):

The default doxygen configuration only produces documentation for modules and data structures that have been explicitly tagged in the source code. More detailed documentation may be obtained by modifing the doxygen configuration file (.../doxygen/doxygen.cfg).

Options of particular interest include:

Enabling the latter two options will significantly increase the size of this manual, as well as the time it takes to generate it.

Doxygen reference documentation

The Doxygen web site (http://www.doxygen.org/) has a complete user manual. For the impatient, the most interesting sections are:


Web Site

News about Qucs as well as the latest version can always be found at the sourceforge project page http://qucs.sourceforge.net/


If you have any suggestions concerning this documentation, do not hesitate to send suggestions to qucs-devel (see http://qucs.sourceforge.net/contact.html for details)

Rich Johnson (mailto:rjohnson@dogstar-interactive.com)