Qucs-core  0.0.19
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
acsolver.cpp [code]
acsolver.h [code]
amplifier.cpp [code]Amplifier class implementation
amplifier.h [code]
analyses.h [code]Global analysis header file
analysis.cpp [code]Implementation of the analysis class
analysis.h [code]The analysis class header file
and.cpp [code]
and.h [code]
applications.h [code]
attenuator.cpp [code]
attenuator.h [code]
biastee.cpp [code]
biastee.h [code]
bjt.cpp [code]
bjt.h [code]
bondwire.cpp [code]Implement a bondwire model
bondwire.h [code]
buffer.cpp [code]
buffer.h [code]
capacitor.cpp [code]Capacitor class implementation
capacitor.h [code]
cbesselj.cpp [code]Compute complex bessel J function
cccs.cpp [code]
cccs.h [code]
ccvs.cpp [code]
ccvs.h [code]
characteristic.h [code]
check_citi.cpp [code]
check_citi.h [code]
check_csv.cpp [code]
check_csv.h [code]
check_dataset.cpp [code]
check_dataset.h [code]
check_mdl.cpp [code]
check_mdl.h [code]
check_netlist.cpp [code]
check_netlist.h [code]
check_spice.cpp [code]
check_spice.h [code]
check_touchstone.cpp [code]
check_touchstone.h [code]
check_vcd.cpp [code]
check_vcd.h [code]
check_zvr.cpp [code]
check_zvr.h [code]
circuit.cpp [code]
circuit.h [code]The circuit class header file
circulator.cpp [code]
circulator.h [code]
coaxline.cpp [code]
coaxline.h [code]
compat.h [code]
complex.cpp [code]
complex.h [code]
component.h [code]
component_id.h [code]
components.h [code]
config.h [code]
constants.h [code]Global physical constants header file
consts.h [code]Global math constants header file
coupler.cpp [code]
coupler.h [code]
cpwgap.cpp [code]
cpwgap.h [code]
cpwline.cpp [code]
cpwline.h [code]
cpwopen.cpp [code]
cpwopen.h [code]
cpwshort.cpp [code]
cpwshort.h [code]
cpwstep.cpp [code]
cpwstep.h [code]
cross.cpp [code]
cross.h [code]
csv_producer.cpp [code]
csv_producer.h [code]
ctline.cpp [code]
ctline.h [code]
dataset.cpp [code]
dataset.h [code]
dcblock.cpp [code]
dcblock.h [code]
dcfeed.cpp [code]
dcfeed.h [code]
dcsolver.cpp [code]
dcsolver.h [code]
device.cpp [code]
device.h [code]
devstates.cpp [code]
devstates.h [code]
diac.cpp [code]
diac.h [code]
differentiate.cpp [code]
differentiate.h [code]
digisource.cpp [code]
digisource.h [code]
digital.cpp [code]
digital.h [code]
diode.cpp [code]
diode.h [code]
doxygen_main_page.c [code]
e_trsolver.cpp [code]
e_trsolver.h [code]The externally controlled trsolver external class header file
ecvs.cpp [code]
ecvs.h [code]The externally controlled voltage source component implementation file
environment.cpp [code]
environment.h [code]The environment class definition
eqndefined.cpp [code]
eqndefined.h [code]
eqnsys.cpp [code]
eqnsys.h [code]
equation.cpp [code]
equation.h [code]
evaluate.cpp [code]
evaluate.h [code]
exception.cpp [code]
exception.h [code]
exceptionstack.cpp [code]
exceptionstack.h [code]
Fourier.cpp [code]
fourier.cpp [code]
fourier.h [code]
fspecial.cpp [code]
fspecial.h [code]
gperfapphash.cpp [code]
ground.cpp [code]
ground.h [code]
gtest-death-test-internal.h [code]
gtest-death-test.h [code]
gtest-filepath.h [code]
gtest-internal-inl.h [code]
gtest-internal.h [code]
gtest-linked_ptr.h [code]
gtest-message.h [code]
gtest-param-test.h [code]
gtest-param-test_test.h [code]
gtest-param-util-generated.h [code]
gtest-param-util.h [code]
gtest-port.h [code]
gtest-printers.h [code]
gtest-spi.h [code]
gtest-string.h [code]
gtest-test-part.h [code]
gtest-tuple.h [code]
gtest-type-util.h [code]
gtest-typed-test.h [code]
gtest-typed-test_test.h [code]
fused-src/gtest/gtest.h [code]
include/gtest/gtest.h [code]
gtest_pred_impl.h [code]
gtest_prod.h [code]
gyrator.cpp [code]
gyrator.h [code]
hash.cpp [code]
hash.h [code]
hbsolver.cpp [code]
hbsolver.h [code]
history.cpp [code]
history.h [code]
hybrid.cpp [code]
hybrid.h [code]
iac.cpp [code]
iac.h [code]
idc.cpp [code]
idc.h [code]
iexp.cpp [code]
iexp.h [code]
ifile.cpp [code]
ifile.h [code]
iinoise.cpp [code]
iinoise.h [code]
inductor.cpp [code]
inductor.h [code]
inoise.cpp [code]
inoise.h [code]
input.cpp [code]
input.h [code]
integrator.cpp [code]
integrator.h [code]
interpolator.cpp [code]
interpolator.h [code]
inverter.cpp [code]
inverter.h [code]
iprobe.cpp [code]
iprobe.h [code]
ipulse.cpp [code]
ipulse.h [code]
irect.cpp [code]
irect.h [code]
isolator.cpp [code]
isolator.h [code]
itrafo.cpp [code]
itrafo.h [code]
ivnoise.cpp [code]
ivnoise.h [code]
jfet.cpp [code]
jfet.h [code]
libqucsator.h [code]
logging.c [code]
logging.h [code]
m_trsolver_interface_mex.cpp [code]
Math.cpp [code]
matlab_producer.cpp [code]
matlab_producer.h [code]
Matrix.cpp [code]
matrix.cpp [code]Dense matrix class implementation
matrix.h [code]Dense matrix class header file
matvec.cpp [code]
matvec.h [code]
mextrsolver.cpp [code]
mextrsolver.h [code]
module.cpp [code]
module.h [code]
mosfet.cpp [code]
mosfet.h [code]
mscorner.cpp [code]
mscorner.h [code]
mscoupled.cpp [code]
mscoupled.h [code]
mscross.cpp [code]
mscross.h [code]
msgap.cpp [code]
msgap.h [code]
mslange.cpp [code]
mslange.h [code]
msline.cpp [code]
msline.h [code]
msmbend.cpp [code]
msmbend.h [code]
msopen.cpp [code]
msopen.h [code]
msrstub.cpp [code]
msrstub.h [code]
msstep.cpp [code]
msstep.h [code]
mstee.cpp [code]
mstee.h [code]
msvia.cpp [code]
msvia.h [code]
mutual.cpp [code]
mutual.h [code]
mutual2.cpp [code]
mutual2.h [code]
mutualx.cpp [code]
mutualx.h [code]
nand.cpp [code]
nand.h [code]
nasolution.h [code]
nasolver.cpp [code]
nasolver.h [code]
net.cpp [code]
net.h [code]
netdefs.h [code]
node.h [code]
nodelist.cpp [code]
nodelist.h [code]
nodeset.cpp [code]
nodeset.h [code]
nor.cpp [code]
nor.h [code]
object.cpp [code]
object.h [code]
opamp.cpp [code]
opamp.h [code]
open.cpp [code]
open.h [code]
operatingpoint.h [code]
or.cpp [code]
or.h [code]
pac.cpp [code]
pac.h [code]
pair.h [code]
parasweep.cpp [code]
parasweep.h [code]
parse_citi.y [code]
parse_csv.y [code]
parse_dataset.y [code]
parse_mdl.y [code]
parse_netlist.y [code]
parse_spice.y [code]
parse_touchstone.y [code]
parse_vcd.y [code]
parse_zvr.y [code]
phaseshifter.cpp [code]
phaseshifter.h [code]
poly.h [code]
precision.h [code]
prime_tables.h [code]
production.h [code]
property.cpp [code]
property.h [code]
ptrlist.h [code]
qucs_interface.cpp [code]
qucs_interface.h [code]The generic external interface class header file
qucs_producer.cpp [code]
qucs_producer.h [code]
qucs_typedefs.h [code]
qucsconv.cpp [code]
qucsdefs.h [code]
range.cpp [code]
range.h [code]
real.cpp [code]
real.h [code]
receiver.cpp [code]
receiver.h [code]
rectline.cpp [code]
rectline.h [code]
relais.cpp [code]
relais.h [code]
resistor.cpp [code]
resistor.h [code]
rfedd.cpp [code]
rfedd.h [code]
rlcg.cpp [code]
rlcg.h [code]
sample1.h [code]
sample2.h [code]
sample3-inl.h [code]
sample4.h [code]
scan_citi.l [code]
scan_csv.l [code]
scan_dataset.l [code]
scan_mdl.l [code]
scan_netlist.l [code]
scan_spice.l [code]
scan_touchstone.l [code]
scan_vcd.l [code]
scan_zvr.l [code]
short.cpp [code]
short.h [code]
spfile.cpp [code]
spfile.h [code]
spline.cpp [code]
spline.h [code]
spsolver.cpp [code]
spsolver.h [code]
states.cpp [code]
states.h [code]
strafo.cpp [code]
strafo.h [code]
strlist.cpp [code]
strlist.h [code]
substrate.cpp [code]
substrate.h [code]
sweep.cpp [code]
sweep.h [code]
tee.cpp [code]
tee.h [code]
test_libqucs.cpp [code]
testDefine.h [code]
testMain.cpp [code]
thyristor.cpp [code]
thyristor.h [code]
tline.cpp [code]
tline.h [code]
tline4p.cpp [code]
tline4p.h [code]
tmatrix.cpp [code]
tmatrix.h [code]
touchstone_producer.cpp [code]
touchstone_producer.h [code]
trafo.cpp [code]
trafo.h [code]
transient.cpp [code]
transient.h [code]
triac.cpp [code]
triac.h [code]
tridiag.cpp [code]
tridiag.h [code]
trsolver.cpp [code]
trsolver.h [code]
tswitch.cpp [code]Time controlled switch class implementation
tswitch.h [code]
tunneldiode.cpp [code]
tunneldiode.h [code]
tvector.cpp [code]
tvector.h [code]
twistedpair.cpp [code]
twistedpair.h [code]
ucs.cpp [code]
vac.cpp [code]
vac.h [code]
valuelist.h [code]
vam.cpp [code]
vam.h [code]
variable.cpp [code]
variable.h [code]
vccs.cpp [code]
vccs.h [code]
vcvs.cpp [code]
vcvs.h [code]
vdc.cpp [code]
vdc.h [code]
Vector.cpp [code]
vector.cpp [code]
vector.h [code]
vexp.cpp [code]
vexp.h [code]
vfile.cpp [code]
vfile.h [code]
vnoise.cpp [code]
vnoise.h [code]
vpm.cpp [code]
vpm.h [code]
vprobe.cpp [code]
vprobe.h [code]
vpulse.cpp [code]
vpulse.h [code]
vrect.cpp [code]
vrect.h [code]
vvnoise.cpp [code]
vvnoise.h [code]
widget.h [code]
xnor.cpp [code]
xnor.h [code]
xor.cpp [code]
xor.h [code]