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real.h File Reference
#include <cmath>
#include <constants.h>
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namespace  qucs


nr_double_t qucs::cos (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute cosine of an angle.
nr_double_t qucs::sin (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute sine of an angle.
nr_double_t qucs::tan (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute tangent of an angle.
nr_double_t qucs::acos (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute arc cosine.
nr_double_t qucs::asin (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute arc sine.
nr_double_t qucs::atan (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute arc tangent.
nr_double_t qucs::atan2 (const nr_double_t x, const nr_double_t y)
 Compute arc tangent with two parameters (fortran like function)
nr_double_t qucs::cosh (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute hyperbolic cosine.
nr_double_t qucs::sinh (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute hyperbolic sine.
nr_double_t qucs::tanh (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute hyperbolic tangent.
nr_double_t qucs::acosh (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute arc hyperbolic cosine.
nr_double_t qucs::asinh (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute arc hyperbolic sine.
nr_double_t qucs::atanh (const nr_double_t arg)
 Compute arc hyperbolic tangent.
nr_double_t qucs::exp (const nr_double_t arg)
nr_double_t qucs::log (const nr_double_t arg)
nr_double_t qucs::log10 (const nr_double_t arg)
nr_double_t qucs::pow (const nr_double_t a, const nr_double_t b)
nr_double_t qucs::sqrt (const nr_double_t d)
nr_double_t qucs::xhypot (const nr_double_t a, const nr_double_t b)
 Euclidean distance function.
nr_double_t qucs::erf (nr_double_t arg)
nr_double_t qucs::ceil (nr_double_t arg)
nr_double_t qucs::floor (nr_double_t arg)
nr_double_t qucs::fmod (nr_double_t arg)
nr_double_t qucs::trunc (nr_double_t arg)
nr_double_t qucs::round (nr_double_t arg)
nr_double_t qucs::coth (const nr_double_t d)
nr_double_t qucs::sech (const nr_double_t d)
nr_double_t qucs::cosech (const nr_double_t d)
nr_double_t qucs::sqr (const nr_double_t r)
 Square a value.
unsigned int qucs::sqr (unsigned int r)
nr_double_t qucs::quadr (const nr_double_t r)
 Quartic function.
nr_double_t qucs::rad2deg (const nr_double_t x)
 rad2deg Convert radian to degree
nr_double_t qucs::deg2rad (const nr_double_t x)
 deg2rad Convert radian to degree
static nr_double_t qucs::cubic (const nr_double_t x)
 Compute the third power of input.
static nr_double_t qucs::celsius2kelvin (const nr_double_t x)
 Convert Celsius to Kelvin.
static nr_double_t qucs::kelvin2celsius (const nr_double_t x)
 Convert Kelvin to Celsius.
nr_double_t qucs::limexp (const nr_double_t r)
 Compute limited exponential.
nr_double_t qucs::signum (const nr_double_t d)
 real signum function
nr_double_t qucs::sign (const nr_double_t d)
 real sign function
nr_double_t qucs::sinc (const nr_double_t d)
 Real cardinal sinus.
nr_double_t qucs::fix (const nr_double_t d)
 Fix function.
nr_double_t qucs::step (const nr_double_t d)
 Heaviside step function.
unsigned int qucs::factorial (unsigned int n)
 Compute factorial n ie $n!$.
nr_double_t qucs::real (const nr_double_t r)
 Real part of real number.
nr_double_t qucs::imag (const nr_double_t r)
 Imaginary part of complex number.
nr_double_t qucs::norm (const nr_double_t r)
 Compute euclidian norm of real number.
nr_double_t qucs::conj (const nr_double_t r)
 Conjugate of real number.
nr_double_t qucs::abs (const nr_double_t r)
 Compute complex modulus of real number.