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capacitor.cpp File Reference

capacitor class implementation More...

#include "component.h"
#include "capacitor.h"
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Data Structures

class  capacitor


#define qState   0
#define cState   1



Detailed Description

capacitor class implementation

A capacitor is a passive device that strore electric energy

Definition in file capacitor.cpp.

Define Documentation

#define cState   1

Definition at line 100 of file capacitor.cpp.

#define qState   0

Definition at line 99 of file capacitor.cpp.

Variable Documentation

Initial value:

Definition at line 141 of file capacitor.cpp.

Initial value:
  { "C", PROP_REAL, { 1e-12, PROP_NO_STR }, PROP_NO_RANGE },

Definition at line 138 of file capacitor.cpp.