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matvec.h File Reference
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Data Structures

class  qucs::matvec


namespace  qucs


matvec qucs::transpose (matvec a)
matvec qucs::conj (matvec a)
qucs::vector qucs::det (matvec a)
matvec qucs::inverse (matvec a)
matvec qucs::sqr (matvec a)
matvec qucs::pow (matvec a, int n)
matvec qucs::pow (matvec, vector)
matvec qucs::twoport (matvec m, char in, char out)
matvec qucs::real (matvec a)
matvec qucs::imag (matvec a)
matvec qucs::abs (matvec a)
matvec qucs::dB (matvec a)
matvec qucs::arg (matvec a)
matvec qucs::adjoint (matvec a)
qucs::vector qucs::rollet (matvec m)
qucs::vector qucs::b1 (matvec m)
matvec qucs::rad2deg (matvec a)
matvec qucs::deg2rad (matvec a)
matvec qucs::stos (matvec s, nr_complex_t zref, nr_complex_t z0)
matvec qucs::stos (matvec s, nr_double_t zref, nr_double_t z0)
matvec qucs::stos (matvec, vector, nr_complex_t z0=50.0)
matvec qucs::stos (matvec, nr_complex_t, vector)
matvec qucs::stos (matvec, vector, vector)
matvec qucs::stoz (matvec s, nr_complex_t z0)
matvec qucs::stoz (matvec, vector)
matvec qucs::ztos (matvec z, nr_complex_t z0)
matvec qucs::ztos (matvec, vector)
matvec qucs::ztoy (matvec z)
matvec qucs::stoy (matvec s, nr_complex_t z0)
matvec qucs::stoy (matvec, vector)
matvec qucs::ytos (matvec y, nr_complex_t z0)
matvec qucs::ytos (matvec, vector)
matvec qucs::ytoz (matvec y)